Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Did a summer internship at a big shiny company

Didn't care for the first project they offered, but a disgusting amount of pressure was placed on me to go there

Realised that any company that spends about half its budget aggressively advertising what a wonderful place it is to work at is probably a really shitty place to work at

Also realised that big shiny companies are generally in love with themselves

Also they're not into paying up on time, like, at all.
As in I'm still waiting to receive money for last day.
Which was in October.

Basically this but without the piles of money:

Overall disappointing experience, 3/10 with points awarded for excellent food and a (much too late) attempt to make things interesting after we complained, would not recommend.

edit 7/1/2014. Still no money
    Someone calls from the company:
    "Hello, would you like to hear about our student employment programs for 2014?"
    "No, but I'd love to hear about my employment program in 2013"