Sunday, 23 December 2012

Am I a bad person yet?

And yet another post in the series "mean comics I will eventually have to take down for fear of them being discovered"

Enjoy it while you can, I guess

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Monday, 19 November 2012

Finally, explosions at Suddenly Elephants

To be honest I think we were doing fine without them, but such is life

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Friday, 9 November 2012

First week at the Technion

A bad post I made about my first week at uni because I felt like I really should make one but I didn't actually have the time for it so... yeah this is terrible.
Let's just pretend this post never happened.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Desert Trip

Hey guys.
I know I'm kind of indifferent to this blog.
I don't really tell you about things. I just post comics without any explanations.

I just want to tell you it's not you.
It's blogger.
They don't really encourage the interactive part of blogging, and I get frustrated.

Anyways. I'll try to explain this one.
I've made some awesome friends in the past year, and not long ago I went on a trip to the desert with them. ...Well, okay, it's getting to be long ago. Like a month ago. Like I said, I neglect this blog, and I'm sorry (but only a little bit). ANYWAY. I have since managed to complete 2 comics/drawings (out of a potential... 5 I think) about what happened there.

The first is a deep conversation we had on a stop on the way home.

The second is related to nights spent left to nature's mercy.

"You have fucking pants?"
"What are fucking pants?"
"How do they work?"

"That's it, I'm gonna go shake my pants out"
"You mean your fucking pants?"
"Don't let any foxes steal them"

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Quarterly Report

The key to any good relationship, is the mutual participation in activities that are just the tiniest bit illegal.

Monday, 10 September 2012

France and Italy

So I was abroad with the family and I drew a buttload, sometimes about the trip, sometimes just for funsies

I didn't enjoy the food. French food is messed up, no matter what they tell you. Italian food is somehow not as good as it is abroad, just like most Asian food wasn't actually that good until the westerners came along to deep fry it.

Didn't like the mosquitos, though the French ones aren't that bad.

Italian ones are a total nightmare though, the type that doesn't give a shit about light or dark or movement or anything and just goes for it, several times, leaving you sitting around scratching like some kind of crazy person.

Realised I messed up the French mosquito.

Found and bought a moleskine, didn't buy a watercolour one cause I'm an idiot, but it's awesome and a moleskine so whatever.

Discovered my phone bill was more than £100 after five days and freaked out.

Went out for a walk to calm my nerves and was inspired by local graffiti.

Graffiti took a weird direction and just started drawing random things.

Went to the Orsay museum (the Louvre is so passé), got invited to dinner by a guy who barely speaks English let alone Hebrew who kept trying to rush me to go see the Van Gogh stuff with him, shook him off to sit around drawing statues.

Took a train to Italy. Some stressful stuff, mum mostly unfazed due to excitement about Italian food (huge letdown as previously noted)

Too busy in Italy to really draw anything but it was 100 times better than fuddy duddy France, with endless concerts with bands that can't sing and crowds that don't care, just barely managed to sketch the piazza della liberta in Bertinoro (delightful place, highly recommended), view hidden by unloading trucks most of the time but the drivers offered to move them when they noticed me (so sweet).

Will upload Italian comics if I ever make any, but let's not raise our hopes.
Overall didn't feel like a holiday, did the same stuff as usual only abroad, but all the same, change of scene once in a while is nice too.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012



just kidding
I just like whining is all

Friday, 24 August 2012

Modern art and stuff

So I wrote a post about modern art or postmodern or whatever that super stylized movement is where everything can be art and tracy emin is a respected contributer to the community, I can't be bothered to translate it but basically everything is bullshit and I'm sick of the whole idea where people point at things and declare them art.

And now, some comics about an art gallery that was apparently dedicated to penises, but had a whole bunch of other useless things in it too (photograph of a shoe, gold plated hummus, slow mo clip of a man eating fruit)