Friday, 9 November 2012

First week at the Technion

A bad post I made about my first week at uni because I felt like I really should make one but I didn't actually have the time for it so... yeah this is terrible.
Let's just pretend this post never happened.


  1. Your school sounds so much more exciting than mine...

    Glad to hear your orange juice is safe! :P

    1. University generally tends to be more exciting than school :)

      Though I don't think I've described anything exciting just yet..

    2. Well I am technically going to university, but it's nothing interesting enough to describe in a comic lol. I go to class, I go home. Finals are in a couple of weeks and I'll be free for a month! Yay! My campus is so boring, anything sounds more exciting than it haha

    3. Well, neither was mine, that's why this comic came out so badly :)

      wait, finals already? we just started... when are your semesters exactly?

    4. We're on the quarter system. Mid September through November. January through mid March. The rest of march to Mid June. And then there are summer courses, but I've never taken them.

      And I also laugh when I look at your comics... which is why I keep coming back to stalk you :P Keep up the awesome work!

    5. 4 semesters a year? How does that work? Smaller courses? Or just more stress?

      You're welcome to.
      Internet stalkers aren't so bad.
      (Unlike lame friends)

    6. More stress I would say haha. I've gone to a community college which is on the semester system (2 semesters: 1 fall and 1 spring) and the courses are the same if not harder and they go much quicker, but it's nice because (hopefully) I'll be able to finish quicker! Only 1 more year to go! Huzzah!

      Haha yeah. As soon as you get tired of internet stalkers you can just block them :P

    7. How long have you been studying, before I get too excited...?

      I reduced a whole load of stress by accepting that there are actually lectures I don't need :)

    8. I started at the community college in fall 2008. Got my AA in Digital Arts in spring 2011. Working on my BS in Economics right now at the university. Started Fall 2011 SHOULD be done fall 2013! Would have been done sooner had I known what I wanted to major in right from the beginning lol. I am getting my bs in econ, but what I really want to be is a photographer :P Photography school is waaaay to expensive though ):

    9. 2 years for a whole degree?!

      That's insane
      Mine is 4 (but that's the engineering type degrees. Regular ones are 3...)

      How'd you go from digital arts to economics? Do you plan on pursuing photography on a small scale?

    10. Yup. Haha. Generally it's four. You can get a bachelors in 4 years and an associates in 2. "Generally". Then it's off to graduate school... if you so choose to do so. And yeah, I got my associates in digital arts because I was going to move and go to a photography school afterwards... but it was $90,000 a year... so I went to the University in my city instead for economics lol. I would have done a digital arts/photography degree there... but they didn't have one. So sad. My degree shall be my back-up plan if my photography skills are not enough to get me moneys lol.

      Shameless self advertising... :P

    11. Isn't... isn't graduate school at university?
      Doesn't everything academic past college happen in university?
      Where on earth do you live?

      Probably more job options in econ, though of course I wish you luck in photography :)

      Looking at the site
      *prospective client
      not perspective
      fyi :)
      Other than that - fair job
      You do events for friends or something like that? Or have you actually started on a professional level?

    12. Ha! Oh my gosh! Thanks for catching that! lol Fixing asap.

      As far as the college/university thing. This is getting quite confusing lol. Our school system goes as follows: Elementary school (grades 1-5), Junior High School (grades 6-8), High school (grades 9-12) and then college/university lol. I think in places besides the US they refer to high school as college. In the US, college and university are interchangeable words. I think that may be why we are getting so confused haha.

      And thank you (: I've done a few "professional" jobs. I have mostly done friends but I've been hired to do a Sikh wedding, food photography, and a few other odd jobs. And I work as a photographer at a place in a local mall. It's a lot of fun (:

    13. So is "grad school" university?

      Oooh, that sounds really interesting! What are Sikh weddings like?

    14. Yes. There are two levels of university. Undergraduate and graduate. Once you get your Bachelors you become a graduate and can attend graduate school where you can get a higher degree than your bachelors. I think we're getting somewhere now! :P
      So what is your university story? obviously your first few days were interesting lol.

      Sikh weddings are.... interesting lol. Needless to say, the colors are beautiful, but the ceremony itself, well, it's kinda boring actually. Everyone just sits there while one guy sings and three guys play instruments. The bride and groom get up and walk around the alter 4 times throughout the whole thing and then the ceremony is over after an hour/hour and a half. I'm very happy I got to see it but I don't think I'd want to sit through one again lol. At least I didn't have to sit through this one haha. I got to walk all around and take photos (: The reception afterwards was a lot of fun though. I love Indian music and dancing. My best friend is Indian, so I was introduced to the culture before the wedding.

    15. Now it all makes sense :)
      My university story? Just started. stress and homework, good lecturers and bad lecturers, also midterms. Not much of a story really :P got 4 years to get something interesting though

      Well, each culture/religion to its quaint traditions I guess... so long as there were colours I'm sure photographing everything was fun, so it's all good :P
      So you knew how to dance or did you find yourself awkwardly mimicking the other guests, as I have many a time in various weddings?

    16. Haha, luckily they didn't ask me to dance (though I'm sure it would have been fun). They kept offering me food all night lol. It was a lot of fun; it was a great first experience (: They even invited me to come visit them in Canada- room, board, and food taken care of... though I don't know if I'll ever have a reason to go to Canada lol.

    17. Well, it's good to have contacts all over anyways... just in case :)
      You never know what you might have to do there

    1 out of 5 stairs you MUST walk at UNSW...I know your pain well.

    1. hahahahahaha
      I'm loving that you really made a diagram for this
      Reminds me of when I had to draw a map of my neighbourhood in paint to help someone with directions...