Saturday, 15 January 2011

The world's meekest officer

Allow me to introduce you to the world's meekest officer. In contrast to our commander, I don't think she has ever raised her voice, even if only to be heard in a loud crowded room.

One time she got me a croissant when she went to buy some food, but she could only find some slightly squashed ones:

As you can see, she felt pretty bad about that - it was really cute.

Having seen this example, you can imagine my surprise when she called to ask me for a favour:

World's meekest officer, there is hope for you yet!

(I'll be honest, that second comic feels a little rushed to me. Like there should be a few more panels with me running around being excited or something. But it's too late now...)


  1. that guy kind of looks like me, seriously.
    god you have lovely creativity and its making me envious! :) keep up with the doodles ya doodle

  2. that..... guy?


    I think I'm doing something wrong