Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Oh the self hatred

Look at this.

This is my bike.

No, there is nothing wrong with your internet connection.
Or your browser.
My bike is gone.

A mere two weeks ago my parents bought me a shiny new bike.
And now it's gone.

Let's start again.

Look at this.
Well, imagine this, I can't be bothered to draw.
I rarely draw when I'm truly angry. Only fake rage.

I am a bike.
My front wheel is missing, it was punctured and is being fixed.
My seat is missing, my owner took it home so that you wouldn't steal it.

I am the frame of a bike and one wheel.
And I am chained, frame and wheel, to a bike stand.
If you try to ride me you will encounter plenty of friction from the floor, not to mention slight discomfort in your behind.
You have no reason to steal me.
And my owner will be very upset if you do.

Please don't steal me.
I'll only be here for two days.
It was reckless of my owner to leave me chained out in a public place for so long, yes.
Not to mention she had so many chances to go out and fetch me and bring me home.
I guess she doesn't really love me.

She could have saved me.


  1. This should be a drama D:
    I´m not kidding you, this was really sad.

    Am I really almost tearing over a bike...that isn´t even mine..?

  2. this is like an aspca commercial, only with a sad little bike.

    poor sad little bike.

    it's just so... so sad....

  3. :c

    poor bike

    i find myself saying this too much, but:

    the youth of today.
    i hate them.

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  5. =C

    In what range of quality (i.e. cost) was this stolen bike? Seems like someone must have been pretty determined... =/

  6. it was a damn good bike

    but they probably would have stolen it even if it was a bad one, just for the sport - its not that nice a neighbourhood