Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Pool Party!

Lately I've been chauffering my little brothers to and from summer camp.
There's a pool involved, and when I come to pick them up I let them splash about a bit before taking them home.
I have learned a lot from watching them and the other children in the pool. For instance, did you know that kids are shitty divers?

And yes there really was a scary old lady just standing there glaring at everything.


  1. kids also suck at chugging cheap vodka. and writing doctoral dissertations. FUCKING KIDS!

    1. So do some 22 year olds, and then they throw up everywhere.

      Girl, if you can't handle your alcohol, what are you doing at my party?!
      Not aimed at you.
      Just a general statement I needed to get out.

      In short, FUCKING EVERYONE!