Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Quack Doctor

So, this happened.


    I once fell down and hurt my elbow, so it had a weird bump on it. At first I thought it was just a bump, ok, no biggie, but the bump was actually a bone out of place. The school nurse, who happened to be my mum, said we should go to the x-ray right away, and while waiting for the car to get there, I raised my arm for a second (i don't really remember why) and the bone went back to its place. I didn't know about it at that point tho :D
    So the doctors said I was (of course) perfectly fine, my mum later told me that the bone must have slipped back.
    Well, ok ~ :3
    Glad everything's ok with you!

    1. HOT DAMN, that's insane!

      Mine involves no bones out of place, it's just a cyst filled with fluids from my joint. Just gotta pop it and wait for them to dissipate... though smashing my good wrist with a book is just too scary for me

  2. I sat and stared at the wall for ten minutes last night, thinking about this comic and slowly massaging a fleshy bump that I recently discovered on my arm. That's not creepy, is it?

    (I think it's some sort of scar tissue from an IV I had a month ago)
    ((I love every panel of this comic))

    1. Not creepy at all, in fact I encourage the prolonged appreciation of my works :P
      But uhh, go check that out. Could be a cyst, could also just be what we professionals call "dough" as a result of "severe physical trauma" in which case it should just go away after a while (use cold water). Could also be other stuff, I was bullshitting about being a professional.

      (Oh fair do's, I'd still check it out but it's your life man)
      ((Thanks, good to hear that once in a while... I don't get that many comments here))

  3. I now want to get a lion with a "thug lyfe" tattoo.